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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is a virtual divegrass game created by Konami. It debuted in either 1997, or 2001, depending on what you ask. It used to be known as International Superstar Soccer, and stayed that way until 2001, where it officially shifted to the PES name. It is the platform that all of this autism currently plays out on.

Where Do I Get It?

PES is available on your local DRM platform, such as Steam and Fuck off.

You can download PES 17 via this link right here. Mount the .iso and let Setup do the work. The version of the game you will be getting is 1.00, the base version, and it comes with no data pack. The version number is important as save files and exports may not be compatible with other versions of the game. The lack of data pack so far, has been found to be unimportant. That may change.

How Do I Make it Work?

Go here and here and get both. If you're not a complete retard, you'll know what both those do and where to put them. Congratulations, you've unlocked PES and updated it to 1.02. Remember what I said about compatibility? This is what we're working on, so don't do something dumb by getting a repack or some other version. Load it up to make sure it works and you see Version 1.02.00.

Now What?

You download your save file and aesthetic pack. If you want to make your own, head on over to the Modding Tools section and start downloading stuff that will let you edit.


Reminder: Your save file goes under "C:\Users\(You)\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save". The game loads EDIT00000000 as the default file. If you want to run multiple saves for whatever reason, keep that in mind.

  • The 8chan Cup 4 Save
    • This save has the rosters, stats, and formations of the teams that competed in The 8chan Cup 4.
    • It is organized a little differently than the save file actually used to stream the Cup, but everything that matters is the same as the true save.


Reminder: If you installed your game normally, DLC goes into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download".

  • The 8chan Cup 4 DLC
    • This includes kits, team logos, billboards, and Red Anon fans.
    • March, 2019 Update Now contains the following working stadiums:
      • GenISIS Arena (Stadium 1)
      • Kaiserstadt (Stadium 2)
      • Dan Murphy Cricket Ground (Stadium 13)
      • Big Abo Stadium (Stadium 14)
      • Golden Oak Library Memorial (Stadium 20)
      • Unnamed /tg/ Stadium (Stadium 23)
      • Last Stadium of Romance (Stadium 25)
      • Roman Reigns Memorial Park (Stadium 27)
      • Bonus Stadium (Stadium 39)
    • Use only the listed stadiums and in "Fair" weather. Doing otherwise will crash the game.