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Welcome to the Infinity Cup Wikia[edit]

The official wiki page of the 8ch Infinity Cup.

The world's newest and greatest game!

The Infinity cup virtual divegrass competition is based out of 8chan's /icup/ board, and uses the boards created by 8chan browsers as teams, and these respective boards' dank memes as players. Fun and hot-blooded competition await the stadiums of /icup/.

Check the Stream Here!

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Winter Cup 2016[edit]

The first edition of the Winter Cup, still under construction but will contain the original sixteen boards plus some newcomers. Keep an eye out over at /icup/ to check for the new joining members as well as the possibility of having your board join the fray.

Summer Cup 2015[edit]

The first edition of both the Summer Cup and the I-CUP. This tournament consisted of the original sixteen; the first foundation consists of the boards mentioned below. For more information, please check your respective board of interest or the tournament event page.

Latest activity[edit]


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